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True to its name, “Shob Khobor” (English Meaning- Every news) is an advanced news portal that renders with information from all across the globe from trusted sources. With just one click you can keep yourself updated via e-papers, live TV channels, and news videos. It won’t be wrong to mention that it is a one-stop solution for your news feed. The responsive web design makes the app comfortable for both mobile and desktop reading. Thanks to our team for developing the app with a visual display that gives you the feel of reading a real newspaper. You keep yourself updated and it is free.

Why choose our online news portal?

  • Real-time news updates. Thanks to our team and our advanced AI algorithm targeting the right sources.
  • User-friendly UI makes it easy to read and comfortable for the eyes.
  • The news sources are verified, which makes us portal authentic.
  • Offline news reading is available after you get it updated while online.
  • News loading is fast and seamless.
  • Top news from Bangladesh and from around the world.
  • Get easy access to Zoom In and Zoom Out functionalities.
  • The app is available in Play Store and iOS Store free of cost.

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