As the name suggests, ’Shob khobor’ is a special kind of news portal where you can fulfill all your news needs from all the trusted news sources, all in one place. You can access all the major and trustable newspapers, TV news videos and live TV channels just from the palm of your hand. you are literally just a click away to keep yourself updated with all of what’s happening in Bangladesh or around the world! Everything is categorized in the perfect way so that you can jump on to your favorite category in a split second. The extra visual feedback will make you at home as if you’re reading on a real paper. And the newsfeed is arranged brilliantly to exhibit a very clean outlook, so that each and every word pops up from the screen and people of every ages find it very easier to read them. To find more about our app please refer to the following-


• Realtime news updates, our team work relentlessly to bring the best news from custom sources, also our unique AI algorithm catches news instantly from the proper sources and categorizes instantly. So the end result is, you will enjoy the updated news instantly!
• Our Clean UI makes it easy to read on screen making it easier for your eyes.
• Smooth and fast news loading.
• All verified news sources, so you don’t need to worry about the authenticity.
• Unique categories to choose from, you get what you’re looking for.
• Live TV stream, so many channels to choose from.
• You can read offline! (But you must be online for the news to update).
• Top news from Bangladesh and all around the world.
• Zoom in/Zoom out functionality.
• Sorted news video clips from different TV channels.

Our team always works very hard to keep the information updated and keep our app updated as well. So, you can expect to see great improvements in the future. And the best thing is you can enjoy all of these for FREE!

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